Brit 1.0

“I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world.”

– Gene Debs

Earlier this month I have officially become British. I still remember the first day I arrived in the UK to pursue a career in biomedical research  in spite of the family’s disapproval. On 20 August 2010 I arrived in Glasgow Airport, which greeted me with scorching heat and dense, humid air. You could tell straight away that I was not there for a holiday as I was wearing my warmest parka and knee high boots to save luggage space (you can take a girl out of Eastern Europe but…).

That day my luggage contained:

  • 1 x full ride Genetics BSc offer at the University of Glasgow
  • comfy clothes, favorite mug and a laptop
  • 1 x long-term boyfriend
  • £ 400 to start an independent life
  • (Minus childhood friends)
  • (Minus family support)

At that time I didn’t know that in 6 years time I will choose this country to be my home. The beginning was tough but over time I adapted and made new friends. I look back and see how many things have changed and evolved; nothing has stayed constant. Today everything is different except for my passion for science.

On the 22 January 2017 my luggage contains:

  • 1 x Genetics MSci
  • 1 x Stem Cell MRes
  • 1 x full ride Stem Cell Neuroscience PhD at Cambridge
  • wardrobe full of uncomfortable evening dresses (but ermahgherd they are gorgeous)
  • (Plus a supportive family)
  • (Minus a long-term boyfriend)
  • (Plus friends for life)
  • (Plus curiosity and excitement of what lies ahead)

Ta ta for now,




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