A very Cambridge graduation

And everything I done before is just a stepping stone
And now I’m here I’m gonna step on everybody’s toes

Nah they ain’t ready for man, trust me ain’t ready for man

Skrapz – They Ain’t Ready

Hurrah! This weekend  I received a Cambridge Master of Research (MRes) degree as part of the Wellcome Trust 1+3 programme in Stem Cell Biology & Medicine. For those who don’t know it’s sort of a shampoo + conditioner degree where you get both a Master’s  and a PhD in one go.

While some people might argue that my integrated degree is not a big deal, I beg to differ – academically this has been a very tough year that tested all my knowledge and research experience as well as communication skills. By the end of this year I have learned the following:

  1. How to type a 6K word scientific report in 24h
  2. How to write a research project proposal
  3. How to apply for a grant for the said project
  4. How to stay zen, when all my experiments go tits up
  5. More than 5h of sleep is for the weak
  6. Unattainability is a construct.
  7. I have no fear.
  8. I am meta.                                     (c) AcademicsSay

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the graduation ceremony  and it was truly an experience. For example, in order to receive my degree I had to pull the Praelector’s finger, while he was presenting me in Latin to the Regent House. As you might have guessed this weekend I came up with a record number of fart jokes. Mischief aside, the ceremony itself was beautiful and has been held this way for the past several hundred years. I am excited to become part of the community, which has educated many notable alumni including 96 Nobel laureates to date (no pressure, fellow Cantabs) and look forward to graduation #2 – this time receiving a doctorate degree.

Yours sincerely (subject to contract),




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